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44th Engineer Group (Construction)
CIL-THAI Mission
Camp Samae San, Sattahip, Thailand
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U.S. Army Support, Thailand
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U.S. Army CIL - Thailand, Camp Samae San, Satahip, Thailand
Home of the Central Identification Laboratory - Hawaii began in Thailand in '73
"An Honorable Profession"
Recovering of the remains of our own ...

    - Source:   U.S. Army CILHI   .. for public information and free distribution ...

    I urge you to take a hour; visit the official web site and learn more about the "repatriation process" and the recovering of our comrades that gave their all and the Mission to Bring Home our Fallen Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors!     Click here for USA CILHI.

    What follows is a pictorial story to enlighten you on their Mission, the members of the Teams and the environment in which they worked.
President Clinton's Family visited with a CIL Team in Vietnam
    In recognition of their Mission, President Clinton along with his family, visited with and took a group photo with a CIL Team in Vietnam.

    "Their work is honorable."

    An area of S.E.A. very dear to my heart is the conflict in Laos both in the south along the Ho Chin Minh Trails and to the north in the high mountains of Laos.   Click here for Mission Map.
For more information on Mission Project "RE-3" and/or the region, please visit my alternate web site dedicated to the POW/MIA/KIAs of Lima Site 85, Phou Pha Thi near Sam Neua ...
Soldiers at risk...

    Many veterans have different feelings and emotions about the conflict in S.E.A. and I am no different.   My purpose here is historical awareness for those that gave their all and for us that served without recognition.   Part of the recognition that we (veterans) all seek, is for our government to keep its promise to ourselves and our families to bring home our (fallen) boys.   If they live up to that part of the deal, many of us will be more than satisfied ...

    CIL Mission is critical to this function, to recover every last fallen soldier's remains on the battlefield and get them home!   Recently, on my favorite news television station, ABC affiliate, there was a report on Congressional leadership bringing taxpayer dollars home to their constituents and how an inordinate amount of funds was being "ciphened" off by Senator Inouye, of Hawaii...   Well, you know, my ears "perked" up and I first checked to see if I was listening to a broadcast on my favorite television station.   Realizing that I was, I was totally frustrated and pissed'n moaned about "irresponsible reporting" to the general public and the ignorance that prevails.   Hawaii is our "outpost" on the Pacific; our first line of defense there and rightfully so, should receive an "inordinate" amount of fiscal budgetary funds for (one) military operations and (two) such high priorities as CIL-Hawaii, at home (in the U.S.A.) where it belongs versus some foreign soil, eg, Thailand!

    If there is anything that you may have learned from my web sites is that I am very opinionated and I hope that you either agree with my presentation, or are considerate to same in an open mind, or simply "agree to disagree" and not make some sort of "pissing contest" out of it!   I believe that if you (first) do not have knowledge in this subject area and proceed with an open mind to investigate the facts presented that you will come around to my choice subjects.

    Okay - enough digression on me, here is a pictorial on CIL Team Members!   Click on border'd photos for a larger version, ie, thumbnail approach.

    Excavation of a large crash site       Excavation of a large crash site

    Wet Screening in Laos       Excavaton site on a slope...

RE01-01 L (Laos)
CIL-THAI Mission
Photo Album

RE01-01 L Hudson screening process ...

Makin Mission Repatriation Begins ...
RE01-01 L (Laos) Arial Photo
RE01-01 L (Laos) Mission Photo
RE01-01 L (Laos) Mission Photo

Repatriation Airlift Begins ...

Makin Anthro Dig Mission Project
Makin Raid Recovery Mission Details
Success Story
For the details - click here .. Makin beginning of the repatriation process...

From the "Anthro Dig"
Repatriation Color Guard
Ceremony away from home ...

  Vietnam CIL Mission ...

  Sandbag dam in a site in Vietnam...     Sandbag dam in a site in Vietnam...

  Watery grave ...

  Team Pump in Vietnam CIL Mission...     Pumping Team in a site in Vietnam...

  The People ...

  Makin Team posing for photographers...     Makin Team posing with Repatriation Aircraft...
"Home .. home, at last .. welcome home ... "
Hickam A.F.B., Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. Present Arms! .. Welcome Home! .. Home, at last ...
An Emotional Moment for any soldier ...
Present Arms! .. Welcome Home! .. Home, at last ... An Emotional Moment for any soldier ...
"With every breath in your body .. never forget - FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE!"

Learn more about bringing our soldiers home at -

      Cliff Excavation Site     Cliff Excavation Site     Makin Ramp - Repatriation
Duty, Honor & Country...
        If you agree with this Mission, please make sure your Congressional
Representatives are aware of your approval.   It must be funded, indefinitely,
until the last soldier comes home!
Hand Salute - U.S. Army Honor Guard
    They paid the ultimate price for our freedom, we owe them - big time!

    - Franco Picchione/Webmaster
      Squad Leader, USARPAC Honor Guard Company - 1973-74
      Hqs, Ft Shafter, Honolulu, Hawaii APO 96558

  Old Guard, Washington, D.C.
  Arlington National Cemetary, Virginia   .. on Duty, 24 hours a day; 7 days a week
  Oblivious to all elements except guarding the honor of our fallen soldiers ...
The hat/helmet of a Veteran...
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