McBrien, Richard
Specialist, Motor Pool, Parts Room - SP/5
Co C - 809th Engineer Battalion
Camp Ruam Chit Chai, Nakhon Phanom
Street Map Click me to send this soldier an email! Watertown, South Dakota


Photo Legend:  
Grandpa McBrien with  
grandsons Harley David & Austin "scooter"  
"Harley" McBrien  

  201 File -

  When I left the Army, I came back to where my family was and still is:
South Dakota.  

  Shorthly after I returned, 2-3 months, I was in a bad motorcycle accident.
I was run off the road and ended up taking the ditch and hitting a new 
5-strand, barbed wire fence.  Almost didn`t survive the ordeal; ended up 
with about 300 stitches give or take a 100 or so in the neck, arms and chest. 
By the time I got delivered to the hospital had lost half my blood.  I had 
me one of them out of body experiences when laying on the table getting sewn
up with 200 or 300 miles of thread.  

  I met a gal shortly after and ended up getting her pregnant.  I was 
brought up to be responsible for my actions so married her.  From the time 
I returned from Thailand after a stay of almost 2 1/2 years the world had 
changed and never quite seemed I fit in, or that I belonged anyplace. 

  I was looking for something and never did know, or figured out what was 
lacking.  The marriage went down hill.  Had 3 children from this marriage. 
Wife and I had differences and used the kids against me and made them 
believe I was the bad one.  So, over the years we just grew more and more 
apart.  My youngest son, Jeramie, and I are very close, and he has given 
me two fabulous grandsons, Harley and Austin.  

  I also attended an Extension Course Program at Columbia College for a 
couple of years. 

  I got married again and trying to support a family, go to school full-
time, worked full-time and had a part-time job that was 7 days a week -
I just ran out of energy after 2 years and dropped the schooling. 

  We moved back to Watertown, South Dakota from Sioux Falls around 1975. 
All my family was here and it is a sportmans paradise for the hunting 
and fishing.  

  I worked for a place that manufactured rubber parts for all sorts 
of things for 21 years.  I worked with a lot of chemicals and the chemicals 
took a toll on my body; so, about 3 years ago changed jobs.  I now work at 
a place that makes aluminum and zinc die castings.  I am a machine 

  Kind of got ahead of myself here to.  My second wife had a daughter 
that I adopted.  After 10 years, this marriage also failed.  Sure seems a 
lot of us had problems with relationships. 

   So, any way - I have been playing with Harley Davidson motorcyles since 
I was about 13.  One can take the "Harley" away from the man, but can never 
take it out of him.  So, when the weather is okay - I love to ride my bike! 
I, also, own a nice boat and love to go fishing for Walleyes.  There was a 
time I fished a lot of tournaments and always hoped that someday could 
get good enough to fish the Walleye Circuit.  But, as a lot of people, it's 
not possible to take time off the job and travel to all parts of the 
country to fish the tournaments. 

  I won a couple of them and placed in some also.  It isn't a big money thing 
any longer.  First, you need to make a name for yourself; then get the sponsors 
one needs to be able to travel and fish for a living.  These tournaments start 
in March and go until late September.  So, now I go fishing for the enjoyment of 
catching the fish.  I, also, collect Harley and Indian motorcycle toys.  I 
do some amateur photography here and there.  Love a good game or 8-ball pool. 
Also, play some darts on occassion.

   I guess, with talking to Mike Legersky, a lot of things have come around 
full circle for me.  Always has seemed there was something that got lost over 
in Thailand and never could put my finger on it.  Problems fitting in, 
adjusting or what ever one needs to call it.  Times changed, people 
changed; we came back and just was too big of a change over night.  

  Also, while I was in Thailand my best friend from High shcool got killed in 
Vietnam.  It was one week from the day he got killed that we were to meet in 
Bangkok for R&R...  That put a big old "trip" on my noggin.  But, as I am a 
survivor, one way or another - I have always been able to pick myself up 
brush off the dust and try to move on. 

    I guess all the tattoos in my own way was a way of punishing myself 
for all the inner hurt and what ever one would or could call it.  The 
demons and monsters that were within I wanted on the outside so I put 
them there with tattoos.  I use to go to these big tattoo shows and 
convetions and have one numerous awards for my tattoos.  I was in a couple 
of national tattoo magazines. 

    I guess, if I left anything out, it's because I suffer from "CRS," 
brother.  Old age and maybe getting senile a bit.  Must have been from all 
the Singhai beer 30 years ago.  I tell people if I would have known I 
would have lived this long, I would have taken better care of myself 25 
years ago.

    Take care brother...... Rich
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