McArthur, William G.
Intermediate Speed Radio Operator - SP/4
561st Engr Co (Construction)
Camp Friendship
Street Map Click me to send this soldier an email! 2691 Bay Drive
Cape May Beach,   NJ     08251
HOME PHONE: (609) 886-9144
FAX/WORK: (609) 886-9144
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Photo Legend:
Summer of '63
Outside my hootch; sipin' a beer
Cape May Beach-chair style ...
Age:   23
WARNING!!!   The following could be considered
"eye polution" -
At Age 60...

William G. McArthur
  201 File -

Computing Doc - Bill McArthur Business Card!

    If you find yourself around Cape May, you are likely to see Bill McArthur paddling his kayak (year-round) in the Delaware Bay, the ocean, or the inland salt marshes.   More recently, you can also spot him piloting and fishing from his 24' boat, Anaerobic, in those same waters.   Watch for Bill cycling on his mountain bike on any of the roads close by the water.   You might see Bill jogging along the Bay or taking a long winter hike on a barrier island beach.   On those rare snow-covered days, Bill cross-country skis (on the beach, if possible).

    If you want to see Bill indoors, attend one of the several aerobics classes that he attends weekly or play bingo on Friday nights in the hall where he is a number caller.   Bill is a twice-certified aerobics instructor and a veteran of two bungee jumps in Australia.

    He drove a Yellow Cab in Philadelphia during one young summer.   He hiked from the North Rim to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on an August day when it was 110 degrees at the bottom and 95 degrees up on the South Rim.

    Bill's wife Cathy is a (sometimes willing) companion for most of Bill's activities.

    Bill's résumé and family photos can be found at

    Bill was born in Kearny, NJ but spent his early years in California's Silicon Valley before silicon was invented (just kidding, chemists) and his teen years on Philadelphia's Main Line.   A stint in the Army including a year in the jungles of Thailand, college at Villanova, graduate school at Penn State, and 27 years of teaching at Shippensburg University (PA) finally brought Bill back home to NJ, where he taught Computer Science at Stockton College for three years.

    Bill has started a computer services company, Computing Doc LLC, to help pay the bills since his retirement in May of 1999.   He also is the webmaster of, a website full of information and hundreds of photographs dedicated to the beauty of the Bayside beaches of Cape May County.

Computing Doc Web Site
    _  _                     ^
     \/                     | \
Welcome to My GI Homepage - pLEASE visit 

 my Computing Doc business web site!
                           / []\
~~~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~~~/from the beach
         o         /    on the bay
   )>==)>o       /   William G. (Bill)
_______________/         McArthur
MOS: 059     Title:  Intermediate Speed Radio Operator

Job Description:    I was assigned to the Headquarters Platoon and served as
Commo Chief, Librarian, Movie Projectionist, Mail Clerk, Draftsman, Training
NCO, Operations Clerk, and Acting Operations NCO.

FYI - The 561st started as Company D of the 815th Engineer Battalion (Construction) at Fort Bliss, Texas.   Company D (enhanced) was moved en-mass to Camp Friendship in December, 1962.   Sometime after that the name was changed to the 561st.

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