Petty, Thomas J.
Utility Worker (Pipeline)
697th Engineer Co (P/L)
Korat (Camp #44) & Satahip
Street Map Click me to send the widow Flo an email! 4394 125th Avenue
Sioux Rapids, IA   59714

Photo Legend:

On the wall, in Tom's garage are maps of S.E.A.
which have been there over 30 years!

Tom has quite a collection of pictures,
both Army and Air Force from Satahip to NKP!

Tom Petty
  201 File -

    In-County:   1967 - 68 in both Korat (Camp #44,) Samae San and "All Points"!)

    MOS 51F40, Utilities Worker - Pipeline   SP/4 E-4

    Nickname:   Webster

    After Tom and I (Company Clerk,) had a "mini-reunion" telephone call, I thought it would be good to add to Tom's 201 File some of that conversation here, before his own fax'd 201 File to me.

    Tom was in the 2nd Platoon and on many of the "field trips" to places like NKP, in Northeastern Thailand (next to the Mekong River,) Tom was given extra duty assignments besides laying pipe as unit photographer.   As such, he has a very impressive collection of memorabilia from his tour in Thailand.

    I know, some of my T-L-C Brotherhood brothers would love to get their hands on some of this stuff, as Tom worked on many of the Royal Thai Air Force Bases, in the early year of 1967, eg, Nakhon Phanom (NKP,) Udorn, Ubon and sights I never heard of!   SEATO-Roi Et, Thailand.   2nd Platoon went to Korea and Vietnam, but Tom was one of six guys not on that "junket."

    The Army only has three (3) Engineer (Pipeline) companies, overall, one in Germany, the 515th at Ft. Leonard Wood ("Fort Lost-in-the-Woods" as we affectionately referred to the "Home of the Engineers",) Missouri.   You know where St. Louis is?!   Well, it ain't even close!

    As such (only 3 pipeline units,) Tom "rotated" back to Ft. Leonard Wood where he took basic training and taught pipeline techniques to new recruits for six months upon which time they all departed for Vietnam - less Tom, of course...

    The 697th deactivated in 1969, after completing plumbing work for Camp Samae San and must have (evidently) been re-activated for service in 'Nam ...

    Now, in Tom's own words, his 201 File -

    I arrived in Thailand in February, 1967 and was sent to 2nd Platoon, 697th.   In 1967, I went with the platoon to Udorn (twice,) Nakon Phanom (twice.)   I stayed behind when the 2nd platoon and others went to South Korea to lay pipe.   2nd platoon was sent to Roi Et in 1968 to rebuild a bridge to the Airfield.   Later, I returned with the two others to help British, Australian and U.S. troops from Okinawa in S.E.A.T.O. exercises.

    After returning, I was sent to Satahip (Camp Samae San) as some called it until July of 1968.   I went state-side to the 515th Engineer Company (Pipeline) where I taught pipeline for a year.

    At Leonard Wood - our Battalion was a regular Riot Control Battalion and were on stand-by for the 1968 Democratic Convention; our gear was stored on transport for days and when ever we needed underwear, had to go get it out of our duffle bags.   Being an open post (prior to the Kent State Incident in Ohio,) the Post Commander would always have us on alert for demonstrators allowed on the Post (Fort/Base) and we would be waiting, around the corner; out of sight for any problems that may arise and once in awhile when the hippie demonstrators would cause problems "load up" on trucks and jump off, formation, and disperse the rioters...   My last few months in the Army were very interesting, to say the least ...   I often wonder what happen to those young recruits that shipped out for 'Nam after being their instructor.   Any of you out there listening?!

Tom Petty - 201 File Fax'd 27 Jan 01

I hope I didn't "steal" the "thunder" from Tom's personal remarks, but I can tell you he is a great guy, major (*major*) contributor to the 44th Engineers Photo Gallery located at -

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